The International Meeting 10th & 11th December 2021

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For all the people out there who tend to include a visit to Gloucestershire into their annual schedule, say hooray! The Cheltenham Festival might be the perfect reason for doing so. Even though this event has been a highlight of the racecourse, there are others worth mentioning as well.

The November Meeting, previously known as the Cheltenham Open, has been gathering a broad audience for quite some time. Apart from these two, you can also attend a New Year’s Day meeting. This is, of course, in case you haven’t made any other arrangements for the greatest party of the year.

Now, let’s say you wouldn’t like to leave the comfort of your cosy home on a rainy November day. Additionally, you have your New Year’s sparkling outfit ready for dancing the night away while welcoming the best year ever. Then a chance you could still be a part of the Cheltenham Festival is the International Meeting.

This event is a standard thing for the middle of the last month of the year. It is literally a golden mean between the two other events you cannot go to. The International Meeting is a two-day event, both of which we presented in detail in the text below. Moreover, this website contains all the vital information so that you can stay on track and plan your visits accordingly.

Day One of the International Meeting — The International Friday

Although some might consider all the meetings more or less the same, they all have their unique characteristics. Yes, the primary point of the meetings is the same, but further organisation differs in so many aspects.

For example, as you maybe know, the November Meeting has partnered with the Countryside Alliance. The aim here was to bring people closer to the countryside and all the beautiful aspects of it. Namely, the whole first day of this meeting wears the colours of this theme.

On the other hand, the International Meeting deals with the Jump Racing season. What is more, it has a goal to enhance the importance of Cheltenham involvement in it. It goes without saying that you will get familiar with the term Cheltenham Roar here. Plus, you can learn about the National Hunt calendar and the vital role the Gold Cup plays there.

The meeting takes place in the middle of December, as we mentioned before. You will agree that it’s no wonder the first day of it brings along the Christmas note. The organisers, being aware of the holiday spirit, are armed with positivity. They give their best every year to make people feel like there’s no better place to be at that moment.

Along with the fabulous decoration and hot drinks, there are, of course, many races that deserve your full attention. The main race followed by the masses is The Crystal Cup European Cross Country Challenge. This race, in particular, is the reason for the international vibe of the festival.

Day Two of the International Meeting — The International Saturday

The second day of the International meeting is the International Saturday. On this day, the Christmas euphoria doubles up, since it is combined with happiness that is present during weekends. The end of the year is approaching, and there is this sense of joy in the air wherever you go.

The merriness that spreads around the place could make you think that people do not regret opening up their wallets. Yet again, the majority of people have more expenses around Christmas time.

With this kind of money distribution, punters feel more involved in the event and think this will increase their chances. However, like with any festival in the world, there is a race that steals the show of the International Meeting.

We are talking about the International Hurdle that is ‘the race’ of the event. This race gathers participants from every corner of Europe, perhaps even the other parts of the world. That is probably the main reason for naming the event the International Meeting in the first place. The ‘special ingredient’ is there to make it stand out from the mass.

If you are a person who tends to do everything at the last minute, there is some bad news here. Maybe you will get a bit discouraged to attend this event, as the Christmas shopping list hangs at your fridge. Before you decide to pass the festival, it is good to know that the organisers thought of it as well. That’s why you can find numerous shops around the place where you can buy plenty of great gifts.

Altogether, the International Meeting is the perfect event for you if you prefer to unwind for the holidays to come.

About The International Meeting at Cheltenham

The National Hunt season is divided into smaller parts, all of which play an essential role in the overall picture. The International Meeting at Cheltenham has been contributing to the overall greatness with a race called The International Hurdle.

The International Hurdle is one of the seven main races held in both the United Kingdom and Ireland. All seven games combined represent ‘The Road To Cheltenham’ — the main points of the National Hunt season.

What Is Special About The International Meeting

The International Meeting has two crucial races that mark the festival. One of them is the above mentioned International Hurdle that takes place on the second day.

Another race that is a pillar of the event actually starts much earlier. This race includes the races that take place in France, Belgium and the Czech Republic. It ends at Cheltenham in the shape of the finishing line of the Crystal Cup that is a significant international competition.

In conclusion, the International Meeting is the event that bursts with positivity with the underlying aim. It could get you ready for your best year ever, which is another reason to check it out.

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