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This year’s Race Night featuring Hunter Chase Racing will take place on Friday, 1st May 2020. It’s the final meeting of the season and a local favourite.

Although Cheltenham Festival is best known for the outings that take place in March, there is even more that this festival can offer to racegoers. Browsing our site and the web will reveal events such as the November Meeting, previously known as the Open (before the clash with the golf tournament). In addition, there are the New Year’s Day Meeting, Festival Trials Day, and International Weekend.

The horse racing schedule and calendar are a bit of a mixup, in all honesty. The jump racing season gets started in November and culminates in Cheltenham Festival in March and the Grand National in April. After that, things start to go south as far as the excitement and race quality are concerned, so the Race Night (Hunters Chase Evening) might be the last event worthy of attention.

Here, you will find out about all the details related to the races expected at the Race Night. These will help you place your bets the right way and thus maximise your chances of winning.

Race Night Race Card

Given the fact that we are talking about evening races, these are not that prone to changes of the timetables as other races. However, we should note that there isn’t such a thing as unaltered racing timetable, so we must be ready for any delays. Of course, if everything goes as planned, the hunters’ chase evening races and essential details are as follows:


The race graded as Class 5 race which includes 14 fences across 2 miles and 62 yards, or 3275m.

The first race in the Hunters Chase Evening event is Class 5 Hunter’s Chase race for horses older than 5. There is a total of 14 obstacles these horses need to jump over in about 4 minutes. The usual time for this 2 miles and 62 yards race at the New Course at Cheltenham.


  • Horse — Sam Cavallaro
  • Jockey — Bryan Carver
  • Trainer — H Brookshaw
  • Overall Prize Money — £4,800
  • For The Winner — £2,983


A Class 4 race run at the length of 5230m and with 21 fences.

The second race in the Hunters Chase Evening is one of the longer ones. Tt takes riders around 7 minutes to jump over 21 fences sprawled around three miles and two furlongs racetrack. The same as with the first race, all horses should be aged 5 and more, and around 10 horses are usually seen in the race.


  • Horse — Latenightpass
  • Jockey — Gina Andrews
  • Trainer — T Ellis
  • Overall Prize Money — £8,000
  • For The Winner — £4,756


A Class 4 race with 21 fences and 3m 1f 56y (5080m) in length.

Another Open Hunters Chase race that is packed with excitement comes as the number 3 on the schedule and is quite similar to the Championship Final Race. Although a bit shorter, with three miles one furlong and one hundred and fifty-six yards in length, and finalised in about six minutes and thirty seconds. The horses in the race are aged 6 and more. 


  • Horse — Marcle Bridge
  • Jockey — Mr Sam Jukes
  • Trainer — Sam Jukes
  • Overall Prize Money — £6,300
  • For The Winner — £3,877


The fourth race in the schedule is a Class 2 chase with 22 fences that need to be conquered on a 5295m track.

When you see “Gold Cup” in the name of a Hunters Chase Evening event, you know you are in for a good one. Horses aged five and more battle to be the first one to jump over 22 fences on a 3 miles 2 furlongs and 70 yards track marked as the second trickiest in the competition. It takes the 10 horses on the track usually about 7 minutes to be done with it and take home the prize.


  • Horse — Hazel Hill
  • Jockey — Alex Edwards
  • Trainer — Philip Rowley
  • Overall Prize Money — £24,000
  • For The Winner — £14,913


A Class 4 race with 21 fences at a 5080-meter distance.

As you might have guessed from the title of this Hunters Chase Evening race, this race is reserved for anywhere between 5 and 10 mares aged 5 or more. They need to jump over 21 fences on a 3 miles 1 furlong and 56 yards track. The race is deemed a Class 4 event which a lot of racegoers enjoy.


  • Horse — Kalbaloo
  • Jockey — Gina Andrews
  • Trainer — T Ellis
  • Overall Prize Money — £6,200
  • For The Winner — £3,870


A Class 4 Chase race with 27 fences on a 6526 meters track.

The most challenging of all Hunters Chase Evening races is the sixth race, reserved for horses aged 5 and more. It is run on 4 miles and 120 yards track with incredible 27 fences, the most of all competitions that day. The horses need more than 8 minutes to reach the finish line if all goes well, and there are usually more horses than in other races of the day. More places mean more options and quite good odds.


  • Horse — Southfield Theatre
  • Jockey — Lily Bradstock
  • Trainer — Sara Bradstock
  • Overall Prize Money — £6,200
  • For The Winner — £3,857


A Class 5 Chase with 17 fences and 4140m in length.

The final showdown of the day is reserved for horses aged 5 or more and is deemed a Class 5 Race that happens throughout 2 miles, 4 furlongs, and 166 yards. Around 20 horses participate, so there will be plenty of space for surprises and upsets. 


  • Horse — Bishops Road
  • Jockey — Zac Baker
  • Trainer — T R David
  • Overall Prize Money — £5,000
  • For The Winner — £2,985

Final Thoughts

The Race Night is an event reserved for amateurs who want to show they too have skills and talent that their horses can bring the thrill all want to see in a high calibre horse race.

Some welcome offers are currently unavailable due to Grand National April 8-10, 2021, please check the validity of the offer on the bookmaker site directly.

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