How to dress at Cheltenham Festival 2022

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Cheltenham Festival is not only a premier horse racing event, but it is also an occasion where trendy clothes and outfits are put on a display as well. The festival will span across four days of supreme racing events and gala evenings that will bring the best out of horse racing enthusiasts and fashionistas alike, so put on your best bib and tucker and read this article to learn more.

What are the racing events at Cheltenham Festival?

The entire Cheltenham festival consists of four days with different individual events. The racegoers will have the opportunity to witness some of the best masters of horse racing in action, as well as to witness the competition that starts off with a bang from the very first day.

What kind of races can people expect each day?

The opening day is scheduled for March 16, and is referred to as the Champion day. The event features the best of hurdle racing and top entertainment with food and drinks to spare.

The second day is called the Ladies day, a parade of top silk and flamboyant outfits that show elegance and style of the fairer sex. To make sure that not only fashion is scrutinised in this event, one of the most crucial racing duels will also take place during it.

St. Patrick’s Thursday marks the third day of the festival, being an entirely Irish affair with the Guinness Village as the star attraction.

Gold Cup day is the pinnacle of jump racing and gathers the very best jockeys and equines to compete for the most prestigious rewards on the fourth day of the festival.

Cheltenham Festival Dress Code

Officially there is no dress code at Cheltenham. The Festival takes place in March and that means weather can impact the outfit choices of visitors. The course recommends dressing for the weather but many ladies will wear hats.

From feathers to tweed, dresses to hats, anything goes at The Festival. Gentlemen usually wear a suit or similar, and ladies often opt for hats, in all enclosures, restaurants and hospitality facilities. Top model Frankie Herbert, was the 2020 fashion ambassador.

Although there isn’t an official dress code for The Festival, smart clothing is preferable. Many men will choose to wear a suit for The Festival, which is advised.

To summarize the Cheltenham Festival 2022 dress code:

  • Gentlemen are advised to wear suits
  • Ladies should wear a cocktail dress
  • Do not wear jeans
  • Hats are not required

Is there a dress code at Cheltenham races?

In general, there is no official dress code for any of the events; however, the impression that surrounds the events signals for a dress to impress approach that many of the visitors gladly accept. The organizers have the right to remove everyone who crossed a line and displayed offensive or any other type of inappropriate messages.

Is there a dress code Cheltenham Gold cup requires?

As is the case with other events, there isn’t a dress code Cheltenham Gold Cup explicitly requires, so it is up to the racegoers to decide and express their creativity. Since it is the final event of the festival, you can expect that the dress code at the Cheltenham Gold Cup will cause a surprise or two on account of saving the best for the last approach.

Is there a dress code for Cheltenham Ladies day?

Although there isn’t any official dress code for Cheltenham Ladies day either, this event is the main one when it comes to flashy dresses and incredible accessories. The way the ladies will look like on the second day is different from the rest, even different than the dress code at Cheltenham Gold Cup.

Ladies usually emphasise colourful hats, scarves and gloves. It is important to say that they should refrain from revealing too much since too much of cleavage is not allowed. If you opt for high heels, it is prudent to bring a pair of comfortable shoes since you will be standing for many hours. Furthermore, the events take place in March, so warm clothes is what visitors should have in mind while choosing the outfit.

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Are costumes a possible dress code at Cheltenham Gold Cup?

Speaking of costumes, they are not a usual dress code at Cheltenham Gold Cup event. Nonetheless, the event where costumes are more prominent is the St Patrick’s Thursday.

What types of outfits and costumes are present on St Patrick’s Thursday?

All Irish symbols are welcome, and the colour green is at every corner of the racing grounds. Gentlemen that would usually go for suits or other formal clothing will choose to wear overly-sized green bow ties or green top hats to symbolise Ireland. Also, Leprechaun costumes have become a more frequent sighting in the last couple of years.

What are some recommendations to consider when choosing a proper outfit?

Planning your visit to the Cheltenham Festival involves, among other things, choosing the appropriate clothes. Both men and women need to be careful and imaginative if they are to have a great time.

What should men wear?

Gentlemen are advised to wear suits and other formal clothes as a part of the dress code at Cheltenham Gold Cup and during their visit to the enclosures, whereas any other relaxed style is welcome on any other event.

What should women wear?

Ladies are encouraged to dress according to their taste, all the while keeping in mind the borders of good taste and individuality. Such an approach will guarantee they struck gold as far as the dress code Cheltenham Ladies day goes.

Now that you know how to dress for the event if you are looking for the Cheltenham predictions read our pages with our Cheltenham tips.

FAQ – Cheltenham Dress Code

Can you wear jeans to Cheltenham?

Do not wear jeans, this is a special occasion but it’s not a wedding.

What should I wear to the Gold Cup Day?

Gentlemen are advised to wear suits and other formal clothes as a part of the dress code at Cheltenham Gold Cup and during their visit to the enclosures. Ladies should wear a cocktail dress.

Do you have to wear a hat for the races?

Certain races or enclosures have specific requirements when it comes to your hats, such as in the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot, where you must wear a headpiece that covers at least four inches in diameter. But for the Cheltenham Festival hats are not required.

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