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If you want to know what the outcome of your bet brings and get detailed information of your wager, the Single Bet Calculator is just what you need. Pay close attention, as this article will let you in on all the little secrets about it.

With the Single Bet Calculator, your betting decisions will be backed with valuable information. Moreover, with this info, you will move further from the realm of guesses towards more viable betting solutions. Of course, this tool will help you have even more fun wagering on your beloved sports.

You are probably well aware of the fact that there are countless types of wagers you can place on numerous sports. Perhaps the most straightforward bet you can make is the single bet. When it comes to placing more complex bets, calculating the possible winnings also gets more complicated. Here is where gadgets like the Single Bet Calculator come quite in handy.

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What is a Single Bet Calculator?

A Single Bet Calculator is an invaluable asset all punters love to have at their disposal. It helps them calculate the potential winnings if their selections prove to be correct. You can find several bet calculators for all bet types, and this Single Bet Calculator will aid you in making your betting decision with its information.

What is a Single Bet?

Firstly, we should see what single bets are before delving deeper into the bet calculators. A single bet, or a straight bet, is the most usual form of bet punters place.

To win some money out of it, you must have a winning bet. For example, if you wager on a basketball or football team to win and they do, you will get the corresponding payout.

In addition, to increase your chances of success, you can go for the each-way type of bet which punters also see as two separate bets in one. It is common to place such a bet in horse racing. The first part of it is the bet on the horse you think will win. The other part is the place bet where you usually wager on the horse you believe will finish in the top three spots.

It is good to know that placing a single bet is available for all sports and in all online bookies. Have a look on current promotions and special bonuses for Cheltenham Festival in our guide Cheltenham betting offers.

How to Use the Single Bet Calculator?

The entire procedure is awfully simple. All it takes for you is to type the right information in the calculator.

Figuring out your way around this calculator is really a piece of cake, as you just need to complete these couple of steps:

  1. Put the amount you want to wager;
  2. Choose the number of games or matches and indicate if the bets are each-way;
  3. Insert the odds of events and their statues;
  4. Click on the ‘Calculate’ button and et voila!

Advanced Single Bet Calculator Functions

The following section of the article will deal with more advanced functions of the bet calculator. Consequently, these can help you alter your selections according to your betting predilection.

Choose Between Odds Formats

Different bookmakers utilise different odds formats. With Single Bet Calculator, you can shuffle between fractional, decimal, and even American odds at times. In this way, you can calculate the potential according to your preference and information you insert.

Enter Each-Way Bets

We have already touched upon each-way or win and place bets you can exploit to increase your odds of winning. Correspondingly, you’ll get some more details. If you select this type of bet and insert it into the calculator, all the combinations for each of the selections on the betting slip might turn a profit.

Why Use the Bet Calculator?

In the first place, making a single bet is easy-peasy, but calculating the payout returns by hand isn’t. It is laborious and certainly not error-proof action. As a result, here is where the bet calculator can be of excellent service. Provided you correctly insert all the data, you will gaze upon the potential payout of the bet almost instantly.

Consequently, the betting calculators help punters speed up the entire calculation procedure and allows them to see the possible winnings from their bets.

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