Each Way Bet Calculator

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The each-way bet is very popular in the Horse Race betting. Before to place a bet on Cheltenham learn how it works.

At the beginning of a betting career, punters mostly stick to simple bets that result in winning less money. Once they figure out how the betting world functions, they move on to experimenting. They try different combinations of these simple bets, or more complicated ones, to get more cash.

At this stage, even the most experienced punters can get a bit confused. As we all know, a tiny little mistake in your bet can cost you a fortune. Therefore, people had to come up with a solution that will help you stay on track with your possible profit.

An easy fix for this problem is our Each Way Bet Calculator. It is simple, but at the same time contains enough functions to do the math instead of you rapidly.

What Is the Each Way Betting Calculator?

Each Way Bet Calculator is a tool that proved quite useful with the horse or greyhound racing. You can focus on the game of your choice, while this particular tool does your calculations for you.

You only need to type in specific details of your bet and check if the possible profit is satisfying enough. Yet, since this deals with a particular type of bet, let’s first clarify the meaning of the bet itself.

What Is an Each Way Bet?

Each Way Bet is an opportunity to double your chances of winning, as we see it as two separate bets. In this example, we will use horse racing to show you how the system works. So, your bet will have two parts:

  • Bet on the horse to winYou win this bet if the horse you selected wins the race
  • Bet on the horse to placeYou win this bet if the horse you selected finishes the race first, second, or third (this can vary depending on the number of runners in the race).

Now, we need to review the possible outcomes of this bet. The first one is, for example, that your horse finishes fourth. This means that you just wasted your money and got nothing in return. However, there is a chance that your horse wins and you win both bets. Also, your horse can finish second or third, in which case there will be some calculation needed.

Logically, it is much easier to guess that the horse will finish in the top three than win the race. That’s why the possible profit for the place bet is usually reduced to ¼ or ⅕ of the original odds.

Therefore, if your horse finishes fourth, you get nothing back. If it arrives second or third, then you get ¼ or ⅕ of your place stake and the original bet. But then again, what if it wins?

Well, this is the time when calculating your profit gets tricky, and Each Way Betting Calculator jumps in.

How to Use Each Way Bet Calculator?

To determine how much to wager to get more cash, use the Each Way Bet Calculator in the following way:

  • Click ‘YE’” to select each way bet
  • Choose the number of selections you will be betting on
  • Select the odds format — Fractions, decimals, or American format
  • Choose the outcome of the bet — Winner, Placed, Dead Heat, Lost, or Void/Non-Runner
  • Type in the odds for both Win and Place
  • Select Rule 4 application if you desire — the deduction that is made from your original bet if the horse gets withdrawn from the race
  • Choose the type of stake
  • Type in the amount of your stake
  • Get ready to count your coins!

Once you put in all the required information, our Each Way Bet Calculator will immediately show you the total outlay. This includes the total return, and total profit you will make if you place that bet.

Advanced Each Way Bet Calculator Functions

Apart from the basic ones, our Each Way Betting Calculator has some additional functions. These are good to know, especially for the more experienced punters.

One of them is the already mentioned selection of the odds format. It allows you to choose the format that you are most familiar with to avoid any confusion.

Another one deals with the system bets that are often more complicated to calculate. You will understand the importance of it the moment you decide to bet on more than one selection.

Why Use the Each Way Bet Calculator?

The final thought on why you should use the Each Way Betting Calculator is — why wouldn’t you?

This simple yet very effective tool can spare you the trouble of going through unnecessary and difficult math formulas. Each Way Bet enables you to enjoy the race while everything has been worked out for you.

You already face a challenging task of choosing the right horse, don’t you? So, save yourself the trouble and let the profit calculations to Each Way Bet Calculator.

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