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Cookie Policy


This Policy is essential for our website visitors (“you”) to understand our use of cookies. Transparency on how and why we use your personal data is important to us. You can read more about it in our Privacy Policy. In this document, you can find more information about the processing of our users’ personal data.

We advise you to read every section of this policy carefully to inform yourself about our use of cookies.

Which information can you find in this policy?

The use of cookies

Cookies on our Website provide you with the best possible on-site experience. You will receive cookies when visiting our Website. However, you will be asked for consent to our use of cookies the first time you visit our Website.

Information collected via the use of cookies could help us to optimise your experience on our website. Please be aware that the processing of information obtained by cookies is usually not used to identify you. However, some of the information that we process about you might be obtained by cookies.

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About cookies

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device by websites that you visit. They are used to identify your computer as you use a computer network. This data is usually labelled with an ID unique to you and your computer. When the cookie is exchanged between your computer and the network server, the server reads the ID and knows what information to serve to you specifically. Thus, cookies allow you to see more relevant advertisements, and the navigation and use of the website will be more efficient as the website is enabled to remember your actions and preferences.

There are similar technologies that we store on your web browser or device that help us identify your device. In this policy, we refer to all of these technologies as “cookies.”

There are three categories of cookies available:

By lifespan:

  • Session cookies – they last as long as your visit to the website lasts, after which they are erased
  • Persistent cookies – they remain on your device for a pre-defined period of time

By domain

  • First-party cookies – set by the webserver
  • Third-party cookies – set by a different domain

By place of storage

  • Browser cookies – stored on the user’s browser
  • Flash cookies – stored outside the browser and accessible on multiple browsers on the same computer

To find out more about cookies, visit or

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Types of cookies we use and their purpose

  • We use essential cookies that are necessary for the website to work efficiently. These cookies are meant to enable you basic functionalities of the website, such as page loading and navigation. They do not store any personal information or correspond to any user’s ID. We advise you to keep them switched on, as some parts of the website may not work otherwise.
  • We use preference and functionality cookies that enable us to remember your website preferences, such as language preferences and the region you are in and provide with you certain services, such as posting a comment or using live chat.
  • We use analytics cookies in order to process the information about the number of website visitors, download and scrolling activities, where the users came from, time spent on the website, and approximate geolocation. The data collected by these cookies is presented in an aggregated form. For more information on the types of analytics cookies used on this website, check the links below:
  • Clicky
  • Third-party cookies may be used on our website. These cookies are served by a third-party we hired to provide services on our behalf or by a third-party advertising our website content. In addition to that, third-party cookies may be used for performing our affiliate agreements, and for that purpose, serving affiliate links on our websites.

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If you would like to change cookie settings, you have several options to do so. You can opt-out from the use of cookies or/and change your browser settings.

Opt-out from the use of cookies

Please check the links below to inform yourselves on how to opt-out from the use of third-party cookies we serve on our website. Please be aware that you may choose to opt-out at any time and disable some or all of our cookies.

Browser-settings change

Some cookies may be disabled by changing the settings of a web browser. Please be aware that your on-site experience may be changed if you chose to disable them. Follow the instructions given below or check the instructions given by the browser manufacturer.

  • Internet Explorer: Click the Tools button and then Internet Options. In the General tab, choose Browsing history and click Settings. Then click Select Files and select the Cookie(s) you wish to disable. After that, close the window containing the list of Cookies and click OK twice to return to the Internet. More instructions available here.
  • Firefox browser: Click the Firefox Menu icon, then the Tools button, and finally Options; in the window that appears, select Privacy and click Remove Specific Cookies. Select the Cookies you wish to disable and then remove them. More instructions available here.
  • Safari: Click the Settings button and then Preferences. In the window that appears, choose Privacy/Security and click Show Cookies. Select the Cookies you wish to disable and click Delete or Delete All. More instructions available here.
  • Chrome: Click on the Google Chrome menu and then Settings. At the bottom of the page, click Advanced Settings. In the Privacy section, click Content Settings. To disable cookies:
    • Select Block sites from storing any data;
    • Click on Cookies and site data then move the mouse over the website which created the Cookie, and click on X in the right corner, or click on Remove All.

    More information available here.

  • Safari (mobile) – For more information please visit the following link.

Disabling Flash cookies

Follow these instructions to disable Flash cookies on your browser/device, but keep in mind that disabling them may lead to some services not functioning properly.

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Please review this policy from time to time to inform yourselves of our cookie use and the latest changes, if any. The policy may be changed so we can align with our technical and regulatory needs. Some changes may be of minor relevance, referring to the structure of the policy and the correction of grammatical errors.

We may be required to make more relevant changes affecting your rights and processing of your personal data. These changes may refer to inserting new technologies or new purposes for processing your personal data. In any case, you will be informed if and when these changes occur and asked for your consent.

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