Amy Hart blasts Love Island Mike’s “awful” antics and has concern for Ollie

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The 2019 Love Island contestant has tipped Shaughna and Callum to do well – but it isn’t looking good for Leanne or the twins

Amy’s concern for “national hate figure” Ollie over hunting pictures

“On the list of things you can’t have done there’s nothing in there about hobbies. I don’t feel sorry for him, but I’m concerned about his life after the villa. Because there’s not much coming back from that.

“They just think he’s a posh boy. None of them know what’s going on on the outside. I went to an event the other night and there was 200 people watching the show. When he came on the whole room erupted in boos.

“I know he says it’s for conservation purposes and stuff, but I don’t think that’s going to wash with everyone.

“He won’t be able to do club PAs and stuff for his own safety. He can’t stand on stage in front of a thousand clubbers. He doesn’t need money, but I think as well as being a national hate figure isn’t great.”

Racing fan

“I love getting all dressed up and having a little flutter on the races and just having a really nice day. We went Boxing Day to Fontwell and we had a box and a really nice meal and watched the horses. It was really fun. 

“I had a tips session once with AP McCoy and said I was going to bet on Stradivarius and said, ‘Amy, for what you’ll get back it’s not worth your energy getting up, walking over and putting the bet on. You’ll get about £1 back. 

“I’m going to the Gold Cup this year. I’m really looking forward to, it’ll be really good. I can’t wait.”

On Mike’s “awful” antics 

“He was awful. He said to the twins, ‘I would be happy if you picked me,’ and then went back to Leanne and said, ‘My head is with you, beautiful girl etc.’ It’s OK to say about that, that’s fine. What was Mike play at? It’s an awful thing to do and it’s their actions. But people shouldn’t say horrible things about the Islanders’ appearance.”

Defending Siannise 

“People need to get over themselves don’t they? She compares herself to Princess Jasmine, and she wants an Aladdin, so she was just talking about that.”

Twins twist 

“I knew that was going to happen, because I love reality TV. I predicted it all. That’s what I did when I was in there, I just predicted everything. Monday night was old school Love Island drama. 

“But what people forget is it is a game show, and that’s what I didn’t appreciate. So, yes people might be trying to hook into other people but that’s what it is. The girl that doesn’t get coupled with anyone next week goes home. You don’t want to go home in week one, so I completely get it. 

“I was very lucky because I was the one who was stolen and I had no worries for most of the time I was in there, but I can imagine if you’re in a vulnerable position, of course you’re going to do whatever you can to stay in there. 

“It’s not Jess and Eve’s fault either. They had to choose someone.”


Early favourites 

“I think Shaughna, she’s brilliant. I like Callum. If a day one couple wins it’ll be Shaughna and Callum. If you think back to series three with Kem and Amber, they were together but then both brought back different people from Casa Amor and they still went on to win. 

“It’s such early days, anything could happen. I liked Mike and Leanne but now my like is cancelled.”

Exit concerns 

“They might put another boy in and then Shaughna will be more forthcoming getting to know the new boy that comes in. Because Leanne has said it takes a lot for her to open up to someone. So, sadly it could be Leanne who goes first. 

“But you never know, one of the twins might go. If they’re trying to graft the boy they’re with and they don’t pay any attention to the new boy that comes in then they might lose out. I don’t think realistically they’re both going to stick with the boys they chose. Time will tell.”

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