Everything You Need to Know About Totepool Betting

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If you visit racecourses frequently, chances are that you’ve bumped into one of the signs or billboards for the tote. But perhaps you weren’t sure what it means – and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. After all, even the biggest horse racing aficionados who attend race meetings for years sometimes aren’t 100% sure. That’s also why horse racing punters often stick to basic bet types with a familiar bookmaker.

Totepool betting is pretty straightforward, so there’s nothing to be scared of. Our team of experts would like to share a few words of wisdom on the topic. Hopefully, you can use knowledge to make some cash the next time you pay Tote a visit. We’ll show you the best bookmakers for totepool betting and help you learn the terminology that you probably didn’t know.

Totepool Betting — the Basics

In a nutshell, the tote is a system that combines all bets in a pool. It doesn’t rely on bookies’ odds to calculate the potential winnings. Instead, the payout is determined by the size of the money pool collected from punters who bet on the same event. For this reason, totepool betting is also known as ‘pool betting’. The house takes a share of the total stakes while the remaining money is split among winners.

The potential win from the tote bets depends on three aspects:

  • The amount of money in the prize pool
  • The size of your stake
  • The number of people who won

The concept of distributing the winnings with tote betting is different — there’s no doubt about it. However, that doesn’t mean that the entire process is unusual. For example, tote allows you to place an Each-way or a Win bet, if that’s what you want. Keep in mind, however, that the bets are labelled differently. So, if you decide to go to the Tote to place a wager, we advise you to first learn the appropriate terminology. All the terms are explained below.


Totepool Betting Markets

With totepool betting, the first thing you should check out is whether your bookmaker belongs to the Tote Syndication.

Several bookies offer Tote services through syndication, and these operators all contribute to a singular Totepool prize pool. Non-syndicated bookmakers (those who accept Tote bets) accept the same terms as the Tote. However, they offer different prize money and sometimes don’t provide the same betting markets.

All things considered, Betfred should be your go-to place for Totepool betting. They are a household name on the betting market and also former owners of the Tote.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the terminology used to describe different bets that you can place in Tote is specific. It’s easy to get intimidated at first as you probably don’t know this stuff. But don’t worry — we’ll help you understand everything you need to know to get started.

Totepool Single Bets


This is the most straightforward bet type. With most bookies, the minimum amount of money required for this bet type is £1. You will be, however, offered a higher odds than those offered by bookmakers that don’t provide tote bets. With win bet, you ‘only’ have to predict the winning horse, and if it wins the race, you get paid.


Toteplace boasts a minimum stake of £1. Here, you must accurately predict the placement of a horse in particular race The bets go to the Toteplace prize pool, and the money will be shared among all winners.


Analogous to the Each-way bet, Toteeachway consists of two different bets. The first part of the bet relates to the winner of the race and the second to the placement of the horse. If your horse wins, you get paid out for both wagers. On the other hand, you’ll be paid a lesser amount of money if your selection only includes the placement bet. The minimum wager you can place is a bit higher than with other bets — usually above £2. That’s because the total sum of your wager is split into two pots — Totewin and Toteplace pot.


We didn’t separate these two betting types together as they’re almost identical. With Totedouble, you must predict the winner of two different races. Totetreble, as the name indicates, is a bet where you must predict the winner of three separate races.


Totetrifecta is one of the most rewarding tote betting markets and also the most difficult one to predict. Here, you must predict which horses will finish the race as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd — in that particular order. The minimum stake is £2, which is maybe a bit too much. But there are generally fewer winners, and the odds offered for this bet are much higher. So, if you predict correctly, you may be looking at a hefty reward.


With toteswinger, you must choose and predict two horses that you believe are going to finish in the top three. However, you don’t have to predict the precise order in which these horses finish the race. This means that you’ve got a higher chance of winning the bet, especially if two favourites stand out.


This is a bet similar to the previous two – you must guess which horses will finish 1st and 2nd in a given race. Also, there’s a similar bet called combination exacta, where you also have to predict the top-two placed horses — the order is not relevant.

Totepool Multiple Bets


The minimum wager for totejackpot bet is £1 per line. To get paid, it’s necessary that you predict the winners from different meetings across the course of a day. If no one wins, then your investments will be refunded.


With a minimum stake of £2, Totescoop6 is a potential goldmine. However, to win, you must predict the winners of six races from different meetings and of various racing types. This bet is often reserved for Saturdays or special occasions such as Boxing Day or high profile meetings.


This is perhaps the most confusing bet for the simple reason that you must calculate how much your minimum stake will be. For example, if you choose to bet on three horses in all six races, that’s 5p per line x 729. That means that you must wager at least £36.45.


Here, you’ll need to predict which horses will finish the race in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th place. Similar to Toteplacepot, totequadpot allows you to bet on multiple horses. It will cost you a few extra pounds, though, because the minimum bet here is 10p per line.

Is Totepool Betting During Cheltenham Worthwhile?

When it comes to the Cheltenham Festival, you should be able to place Tote bets hassle-free. This event offers numerous Cheltenham betting offers for the 28 races. Punters are generally spoilt for choice during high-profile events. Cheltenham is no different in this regard, as the Tote allows for both single and multiple types of wager.

Betting on the Tote can be quite lucrative during top-tier events such as the Cheltenham festival. Why? Because it’s one of the most popular betting competitions in the UK with loads of bets being placed. And the more people bet on the Tote, the bigger the share of the winnings is.

Totepool-related Bookmaker Offers

You can often find exciting and unique promotions exclusively on the Tote. Naturally, these types of offers are time-limited and are usually offered by bookmakers that belong to the syndication like Betfred. It’s also worth keeping an eye on the Tote Group as they run several promotions themselves every once in a while.

Combine these promotions with the information on Totepool betting from our article, and you’re up for a very lovely March!

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