Cheltenham Ante Post Betting Tips

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You are probably here because you want to learn more about Cheltenham ante-post betting. This article will give you all the information you need to start your ante-post betting journey. If you are interested, you should know there are some pros and cons to this type of betting.

What Is Ante-Post Betting?

As Cheltenham is a principal racing festival that takes place in the UK every year, there is certainly something attractive about Cheltenham ante-post bets.

Because of the size of the festival, Cheltenham ante-post offer doesn’t include a lot of risks.

There is a chance that you have read the word ‘ante-post’ while scrolling through a betting site and asked yourself what that term stands for. Ante-post betting means that you bet on a race before it starts.

But why would you do this? The reason is simple — betting odds are much better before the race.

Therefore, placing bets before the race gives you higher opportunities to win. So, if you are a high roller, you are probably interested in ante-post betting at Cheltenham

 As with everything, there is a risk involved in ante-post betting. Although the odds are significantly higher in ante-post betting, waiting for the race to start offers you a lot more information about the participants.

It is your choice whether you will take that risk and bet in advance. In other words, there are some pros and cons to everything, even to this type of betting.

Cheltenham Ante Post Tips: Our 2022 Recommendations

One of the things that can help you with ante-post betting at Cheltenham is observing and following the horses’ statistics beforehand.

A good thing to do is mark a couple of horses that caught your eye. Then, you can search for online information to find out more about your candidates.

This article is also an excellent way to find out what are certain horse’s chances to win the race before you decide to wager. Here, you can find out more about Cheltenham ante-post tips and how important they are.

What could be helpful for wagering is to check the horses’ shape. Horse’s breed and muscles’ development are important for any racing event.

In addition, you need to be familiar with the weight carry format of the horses. It is in a stone and pounds format for any race. For example, if you see the numbers 10–12, it means that the horse carries the weight of 10 stones 12 pounds

Keep track of early odds as well, because they only go to your advantage. If you are comparing the early odds against the odds offered after a couple of months, you could be surprised by the difference. Because that can be significant and you could have more chances of winning.

Other Tips

Early offers can differ a lot from the offers given right before an event. Cheltenham ante-post betting offers can be seen long before an event, so get ready.

You should also have in mind that ante-post bets are not subject to 4 rule deductions. What does that mean?

When you place a bet before the race, but the horse doesn’t participate in the competition, you will come across these deductions. 4 rule deductions are taken from winnings in order to keep a balance.

Moreover, if more than one horse doesn’t participate in the race, there are more deductions. A balance is needed because one horse less in the race means higher chances of winning for other horses. 

Since this is not exactly your fault, you could feel robbed if this happens to you. However, this is not the case with Cheltenham ante-post bets, so you will have one less thing to worry about.

The Cheltenham Gold Cup race has an excellent reputation, and it’s definitely a race to keep your eye on. The fourth day of the race is the event people are looking forward to the most. It is the top event of the festival and a great opportunity for you to place your bets. 

Our Top 3 Favourites

The 2022 Gold Cup looks wide open so here are some Cheltenham ante post tips that identify the most likely winners of the race. These Cheltenham ante-post offers provide a good guide to the race. The three horses are leading contenders for your Cheltenham ante post bets.

Some bookmakers are offering non-runner/no bet. In normal circumstances, if a backed horse in ante post betting is withdrawn you lose the stake. However, when this concession is introduced the stake is returned because the horse is classed as a non-runner.


Monkfish is a horse that we will be very keen on for the Gold Cup in 2022. The Willie Mullins-trained horse was excellent at the Festival in 2021, as he won by six and a half lengths. He has won seven from ten under rules, and has won four from five over fences. He will be one that will be much shorter on the day, which means he will need to be an ante-post selection for customers.


Shishkin for trainer Nicky Henderson is one of the most talented horses in training. It remains to be seen whether he will target the Gold Cup, but if he does, he will be much lower than 10/1. The seven-year-old has won nine from ten, and has won his last eight, which includes two Festival winners.

Cloth Cap

Those looking for a much bigger selection could look at Cloth Cap. The Jonjo O’Neill horse came up short in the Grand National, and the Gold Cup has been muted as a possible target in 2022. His prep will be the most important factor, but the horse certainly has quality.

Our top 3 Gold Cup favourite

What is a Cheltenham Ante Post Bet?

Cheltenham ante-post offers are an excellent place to start betting if you are interested in horse races. Being one of the most significant racing events in the world, Cheltenham offers quite a few races during a four-day period.

Ante-post bets, like we already mentioned, are intended for betting before an event. You have read some Cheltenham ante-post tips above, so make sure to follow them.

Furthermore, on the morning of the race, at 9 a.m. or 10 a.m., you can see the Early Odds for each bet. As Cheltenham ante-post bets are not subject to 4 rule deductions, you will get your stake back if a horse you wagered on doesn’t participate in the race.

Moreover, on the day of the race, you can get plenty of great offers. However, by betting in advance, you will make more money with better, early odds.

Keep in mind that some bookmakers offer Cheltenham ante-post racing bets many months in advance. They put great odds on the horses at that time.

You will undoubtedly come across ante-post betting at Cheltenham for the 2022 festival.

How To Place an Ante Post Bet

Placing an ante-post bet isn’t that much different from the typical betting process. First, you have to choose the race that you want to bet on. Next, select the odds for a particular horse you are interested in.

Finally, choose the amount of money you want to wager on the race. You will find all these options on the betting site you use to wager on horse races. 

If you are reading this in February and the Cheltenham race is in March, there are few reasons not to bet right away. However, one of the reasons could be that betting in advance leads to certain risks. There are a few elements that can affect race. 

For example, a horse can injure itself before the race. That means that the horse will not participate in it or will be significantly less prepared for the race.

Or there is a chance that a particular horse doesn’t qualify for the race, and you have already bet on it. Therefore, there are quite a few risks here.

When to Do an Ante Post Bet?

A good time to place a bet could be on the morning of the race. Like you already read, morning cut-off times are good for Cheltenham ante-post waggers.

It’s still before the race, but you’ll have a lot of information that you probably haven’t had before. You can count on these good Cheltenham ante-post tips.

In addition, many bookies offer odds for horse racing in advance, which is the whole point of an ante-post betting system. 

However, if you are not sure where to start, you can look into bookmakers’ sites or social media platforms. They are entirely up-to-date, especially for Cheltenham ante-post bets, since this is an important horse racing event.

There, you can get a bit more acquainted with the races or keep an eye on a particular horse.

It’s a good starting point for getting involved in horse race betting. Many of these sites also have a call centre or chat option, so you can ask customer support every question you might have.

FAQ — Cheltenham Ante Post Betting Tips

Should You Cash out Ante-Post Bet?

Big bookmakers usually offer cashouts during some periods between the races. Whether you are going to take the cashout or not is entirely up to you.

A horse could catch your attention, so you can bet on that horse to win in some of the next races. If you lose, a bookie can offer you a certain amount of money to cash out. However, if you think your horse can win more races, continue to bet.

Your next offer for cashing out will increase.

This process is something to think about if you are a fan of horse racing.

When to Place an Ante Post Bet?

That’s a great question. Getting interested in horse racing early can be of significance here. That is why ante-post betting is great.

By following lesser-known races before the year’s main event, you will know a lot more than a regular punter. 

For example, if a young horse looks promising, you should bet on it while the odds are lower. After a couple of months, the odds can get higher if the horse has shown good results.

So, you will feel satisfied with your choice, knowing that there’s a bigger chance of winning. 

In conclusion, it’s good to follow a horse’s development through less familiar races, as they show the horse’s progress.

What Else Is There to Consider?

With any type of betting, there are many risks to consider, especially with horse racing.

There are a lot of elements that could affect your bet. Cheltenham ante-post betting is important; however, the odds can change after you place a bet and before the race starts. 

Also, trainers are an essential part of horse racing. They have a special connection with the horses that they have been training for months.

And changing a trainer just before the race could negatively impact the horse and leave you without a winner. This is not something that anyone can predict, but it’s one of the risks. 

Another thing to consider are the possible weather conditions.

A horse could be used to a particular type of weather, so it can be a disadvantage if the weather conditions are different on the day of the race. 

Moreover, the jockey that the horse has been practising with can be replaced by a new jockey. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it will have a negative impact on the horse, but the new jockey could be less experienced.

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