Biggs Chris SNUBS potential Rebecca Gormley romance to ‘concentrate on himself’… but he ‘wasn’t surprised’ she wants to hook up with him

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The former Islanders have slid into each other’s DMs since being dumped, but he says it’s more of a ‘friendship’, and he’s been in demand after receiving ‘easily 1,000 DMs’ since leaving the villa

Following Rebecca’s Love Island exit alongside Jordan Waobikeze earlier this week, she said she “loved Biggs” and would “definitely meet up with him”. Now, Biggs has opened up to Cheltenham Betting Offers about their DMs, how he felt a spark between them in the villa, and his cartoon character nickname for her…

To the races

“I’ve never been to the races, but I would love to go. I’ve watched it once or twice on the TV. It would definitely be great to go this year.”

Biggs not surprised by Rebecca’s comments

“Am I surprised? I’m not surprised at all, because I felt it. I knew it was going to happen.

“Jordan is my boy, obviously, but I felt the banter. Me and Rebecca seemed very alike, we’re very similar, so when I saw what she said I wasn’t surprised at all.

“I was chasing Jess and Siannise, and I feel the initial attraction between Rebecca and Jordan was very strong. I just knew Jordan and Rebecca would like each other.

“But throughout the days I just felt there’s something there [between me and her]. So I wasn’t surprised when I read what she’d said.”

Biggs thinks Rebeca is like Dennis the Menace

“We are very alike. She’s such a funny girl, which surprised me. Always smiling. But you don’t get to see that.

“She’s like Dennis the Menace. That’s what I told her. Because when I went into the villa and I started to get to know her I was like, ‘Yo, people don’t see this funny side of you on TV at all.’ She was surprised.

“I always thought she was good looking, she’s very beautiful, but I was surprised how funny she was. I’m more of a personality type guy.”

Sliding into each other’s DMs

“We briefly spoke, just like, ‘Hi, how are you doing?’ I DM’d her on Instagram saying, ‘You did well, it’s a shame you didn’t get to stay in longer in the villa.’ It was more like, ‘I hope you’re OK, you did well.’

“But it’s more like a friendship I thing, I would say.”

You said on Aftersun you like to be best friends with girls before moving on, could this happen?

“It’s possible, but for now I just want to concentrate on myself.”

Valentine’s Day

“I might phone Rebecca [laughs]… no I’m joking.

“I’ve got so much respect for Jordan I just couldn’t do that [get Rebecca anything for Valentine’s Day] to him. I need to find out what the situation is between Jordan and Rebecca first.

“But I was so shocked how quick they kind of fell out [on the show]. I’m surprised. I’ll see what’s happening.”

Jess regret

“If I had grafted Jess the way Ched did I would’ve got her. But I thought she would’ve appreciated my approach, a nice, calm, like a cool guy. Nothing too pushy, but obviously it didn’t work.”

‘Record-breaking’ DMs

“The amount of messages I’ve got, I don’t think anyone could beat this record. I was only in there five days but it is ridiculous. I’ve had easy 1,000. It’s a lot.

“I’m trying to reply back to them all, because I don’t want to leave them hanging.”

Villa drama

“I had such a good time in the villa but I wanted a bit more spice, so I was causing drama here and there. Winding up Shaughna and Demi.

“I went into the villa looking for love but I kind of got distracted. With my type of personality I just wanted to have a good time there, and make everyone laugh.”


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