Amy Hart describes troll agony and praises Love Island Rebecca’s contraceptive patch

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Egg freezing trolls

“A couple of people have been like, ‘Oh, anything for publicity.’ I’m like, ‘Do you know what, I’ve had so many people messaging me saying thanks for speaking out about it I’ll just stick with them.’ 

“It’s been amazing, everyone has been so lovely and kind. I’ve had loads of messages from people telling me their stories and that’s been really lovely too. So I’m really glad I went public about it. 

“A lot of girls don’t know about the fertility MOT. We all think we’re going to be able to have kids whatever. But you don’t know until you start trying and when you start trying it might be too late.” 

Teeth trolling/ body shaming – does it affect her?

“Yeah sometimes, you can shrug it off as much as you can but if you’re having a bad day and you see something then that can really throw you. But you try to let it wash over you.

“With my teeth, I never thought about having them re-done before I went into Love Island, and now I’m like, ‘That’ll be one less thing people troll me about.’ ” 

Praise for Rebecca’s contraception patch

“It is what it is, she’s just wearing it so she doesn’t get pregnant. That’s surely better than having the first ever villa baby. 

“A lot of people didn’t know about them so it raises awareness that there are other options for people. 

“She’s there for one reason and one reason only and that’s to secure the bag. She wants to nab someone.” 

‘Weird’ girls

“It’s the girls who are going to be picking this week in the re-coupling, so I just find it weird that they’re panicking when it’s going to be them picking. 

“Rebecca has really shaken it up. I think she will probably settle with Connagh, but one of the new Lukes is after her. 

“It did make me laugh about the two Lukes going in, they both listed about four girls each who they had their eye one. Seriously, there’s only about seven or eight girls in there. You can’t list them all. 

“This week I think one of the new Lukes will sadly go home, because Nas will be in a friendship couple with Jess. Because neither of the new boys said they’re interested in Jess, so one of them will go home. Short but sweet time in the villa.”

Questions how ‘real’ dance challenge is – and how she’d have quit show if she had to do it 

“You don’t know how real the heart rate monitor is, but I think it’s cause for drama sometimes. But I like to think it was [right]. I’m just cynical.”  

“When the dance challenge came up this year I was so grateful that I left when I did last year. I left on the Monday and the dance challenge was on the Tuesday. 

“I didn’t know it was coming, but I would’ve left then.”  

Defending Shaughna over Callum speech drafting and ‘Fiery’ Siannise

“At the end of the day you’ve got to be in a couple and if she wants to be in a couple with him she’s going to do what she’s got to do. We all know I love a list. At least he went and said it. 

“Shaughna’s very good, I like her. Her little one liners. I think we would’ve been friends if we were in there together.”  

(Asked about why Siannise is getting trolled) “I think Siannise been shown in … not a bad light, but it showing her to be quite, fiery maybe. When she was kicking off at Connagh and then obviously went up to him last night and started bringing up children.”

“I just love going to the races. I can’t wait for Cheltenham this year, I’m really excited about it!”I’m also going to Aintree for the Grand National , and I’m off to Goodwood for Glorious Goodwood in the summer. I love it!”On Boxing Day I went to Fontwell. My dad had tips and all of them came in, but because they were all dead certs the odds were so small and he didn’t really get anything back.”I can’t remember how much he won but it wasn’t much!”

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